Sophie Biggerstaff BYRCOLLECTIVE testimonials
Carlene Phillips, Founder

I have worked with Sophie for nearly a year now. Sophie helped take my business from an idea to an actual business. We have worked very closely on seasonal buying, sales forecasting, strategy and critical paths. Sophie is very knowlegeable in her field. I would 100% recommend her consultancy to anyone looking to start a business in retail.

Tony O'Neil, Founder

Sophie’s skills, experience and expertise has had a significant impact in Animalia Apparel. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and trying to grow a start up brand, working with Sophie has enabled us to build for the current time and the future. We have laid strong foundations to grow and become sustainable. Sophie’s attention to detail and guidance has enabled me to learn as a brand owner and enabled the brand to build a solid base to grow from.

Vida Evans, Founder

Sophie has inspired me and encouraged me to dig deeper. Thanks to her, my business is in a much better place with a good foundation and the potential to grow. Sophie has also given me enough material to work through, which will help develop my business further.

Rachel Peddar, Founder

I started working with Sophie in November 2020 during the early stages of starting my fashion brand. I was building a collection I loved but I hadn’t put together budgets, cost sheets and a critical path. Sophie has given me some amazing guidance and has help me put together solid foundations for a successful launch and opportunities for my business to develop and grow.

Rachael Grieves, Founder

Before I started working with Sophie, my business lacked direction which was evident in the stock I was purchasing. It didn’t align with the original vision I had when I started and I was confusing both myself and my potential customer. My conversion rate was low, and my marketing strategy was ineffective. Within a few weeks, Sophie had focused my business so that I had a clear direction which helped when deciding what products to purchase and brands to work with. I took on board Sophie’s suggestions with regards to marketing and my conversion rate doubled. Sophie has provided me with valuable skills which I will take forward to grow my business. Anyone starting out, or who feels lost or overwhelmed should really look to work with Sophie.

Rebecca Lazarou, Founder

Working with Sophie was fantastic. She is a fountain of knowledge who really helped me with parts of my business I have been struggling with. She filled me with confidence and also a strategy to ensure my success and was very thorough with her follow up feedback. I highly recommend!


I worked with Rachael on a mentoring basis from October 2020 - January 2021. When we started working together her conversion rate was 0.8%, the industry average was 1.97%. After 6 weeks of implementing a refined product, sales and marketing strategy her conversion jumped up to 2.73%.



Rebecca came to me for advice on her wholesale pricing strategy. Together we worked on a pricing strategy that allowed her to remain at a 50% profit margin whilst selling her products wholesale at prices that fit her brand values & mission.

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Emanuel Andjelic, Retail Lead

We looked to Sophie for some advice in bringing our Eco-Cup product to market. She has supported us by providing a thorough understanding of the industry, who to target and how to approach potential buyers. The research project she completed was to a high standard, and provided us with a lot of brilliant information which we will use to take our business to the next level. We would absolutely recommend Sophie to anyone looking for business support within the retail industry.

Caitlin, Founder

After launching my small business, i was feeling quite overwhelmed of where to go next for sales & what sort of marketing techniques I should be exploring. My call with Sophie happened at the perfect time, it was great discussing different techniques and I now have a direction to go in to hopefully get the results I want for my conversion and sales. 


I am very excited to work with Sophie in the future, as she is so lovely & helpful. It’s great speaking to someone who has a lot of experience in the industry. I am excited to get some more information about BYRCOLLECTIVE’s new commerce club. It’s so amazing that it is so affordable for small business owners! 

Lily Makinson, Founder

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Sophie, after having won a 1:1 session. With her detailed and broad knowledge of the retail industry, I was able to begin defining my business strategy and start to lay a strong foundation, for which my small brand can build upon. Sophie also offered me guidance for potential marketing opportunities and PR options, which I had not before considered. I would highly recommend Sophie’s support for any startup brand. Thank you!


"Sophie was a pleasure to work with. She listened carefully, understood what I needed and offered great advice. The competitor and market research work she completed for me was delivered promptly and in great detail. Sophie was very friendly and I never felt like she was chasing me to pay. Exactly how business should be conducted."

Richard Finlay, Founder, Navy or Grey

"Sophie I'm starting to think you're a wizard - this challenge has been fab, your suggestions have been so valuable, since day 2 we have made 2 sales, 1 confirmed commission, 1 potential commission & a 1-1 lesson booked. The momentum of this challenge with the action points has given us the kick we needed to get onto some of those big actionable points that will help make a difference in our sales."

Charlie Ellis, Co-Founder, Ellisnoronha


My knowledge of the industry is EXTENSIVE, you name it, I've done it or seen it!

I am SUPER passionate about helping people achieve their goals!

I have a proven track record of GETTING MY CLIENTS RESULTS!​

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All my strategies are tried and tested in major retailers so I KNOW THEY WORK and can be scaled to suit your personal business needs!