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As a product based business consultant & mentor everything I do revolves around helping YOU get clear on your business strategies in order for you to achieve your BIG business goals.


All of my services are designed to support you either set up or level up your product based business. I use my experience, expertise and industry insights to work with you to build and grow your business in order for you to see impact driven results and generate more sales £££.

Who do I work with?

Most of my clients tend to be small retail or eCommerce business owners wanting to take their business to the next level OR entrepreneurs looking to set up their first product based business and need a helping hand along the way. 

Check out what my past clients have to say here!

What can I help you with?

Strategy: You are a product based business owner looking to build a solid action oriented strategy.

This could be any strategies revolving around product, sales or marketing.

Selling: If you are not generating sales in your product based business.

Maybe you need help understanding why and advice on what to do to generate more £££.

Growth: If you want to ramp it up a knotch and take your product based business to the next level!

Maybe you want to get stocked in a third party retailer or hit a higher monthly revenue target, but need help getting there.

Profitability: If you are not sure how to price your product to make a profit or negotiate your costs.

Or even how to manage a budget and make sure you are spending money in the right places.

Setting Up: If you have an amazing idea for a product based business and want some support setting everything up.

I can work with you from day one to take your idea and turn it in to a reality.

Working with ME gets YOU an expert insight in your business, eliminating the risks of making costly mistakes and guaranteeing results that will ensure you meet your business goals!

Sophie helped me take my idea and develop it in to a LIVE eCommerce business. Sophie is very knowledgeable in her field. I would 100% recommend her consultancy to anyone looking to start a business in retail. Carlene Phillips, Kids Life Clothing

Working with Sophie was fantastic. She is a fountain of knowledge who really helped me with parts of my business I have been struggling with. She filled me with confidence and also a strategy to ensure my success. I highly recommend! Rebecca Lazarou, Laz The Plant Scientist

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My job as a mentor is to work with you to help you achieve YOUR BIG business goals.

Together we will work backwards from your goal, building an action plan & strategy around what you need to do to make it happen.

I will be as involved in your business as you want me to be & I'll be on call for advice, support and accountability every step of the way!

I am flexible in the way that I work, but I have a number of 1-1 mentoring programmes available for you where I will work with you on setting up or leveling up your product based business. Click here to find out how it works.

Strategy Session

A one off 1-1 is perfect if you just need a little bit of motivation, advice or support on a specific goal you want to meet, task you need to complete, or problem you want to solve.

Stop searching the internet for the answers, and let's jump on a call or meet face to face & I will help you to gain clarity on your product, sales or marketing strategy.

Together we can work through whatever it is you want to discuss and find a solution that is right for you and your business!

After our session you will receive a playback of the session (if it was via call) and 7 days email or DM support for me for any unanswered questions you may have. Book your one off session in by clicking here!

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Need an extra pair of hands in your business? 

Are you at a point in your business where you need some support with the workload or on a new project?


Maybe you need a one-off piece of work or some research completed? Or you might just need an extra pair of hands on deck to support with specific tasks on a re-occurring basis?


If so, my freelance services will be perfect for you!


You can hire me an I will work for you on whatever task it is you need for whatever duration. (Subject to my availability)

How it's going to work? Fill in my consultation form and I will book you in for a FREE discovery call. We can talk about your project & I will then send you across a bespoke proposal based on our conversation and then we can take it from there. Fill in my consultation form now!


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The Commerce Club is the ultimate membership for small businesses and retail entrepreneurs.

Have you been feeling like you need some support in your business, but don't want to invest £100s on a business mentor?

Ever wish there was place you could easily access all the answers to your retail business questions and problems?

Or maybe you are looking for a community of like-minded retail entrepreneurs to share your business learns with!


All of this is exactly what you are going to find by joining The Commerce Club.

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One of my missions for BYRCOLLECTIVE is to make business resources accessible and affordable for start ups who need the support, but don't have the budgets!

This is why I have introduced by group coaching in to my service offering, an offer where I can support multiple business owners at a really accessible cost.


In these sessions I will guide you through how to build your sales strategies for key events coming up in the retail calendar.

Group coaching will be offered on a quarterly basis, so click here to be first to find out when the next one will be!


Fill in my new client consultation form and tell me about your business, I will then get back to you to set up a call to discuss how we can work together!