The importance of building brand awareness.

So you've set up your retail business, you're product drops, but you haven't had any sales!


Potentially because no one knows about you!

Building brand awareness is one of the most important stages of any product based business. To put it simply (and maybe a bit harshly sorry), if no one knows about you, no one is going to be buying from you!

So how can you change that?

Start off by identifying the people you need to get your brand in front of - customers, press, bloggers, friends, competitors etc...

Work out the best way to get your brand in front of them. Is it on social media, networking events, emails, calls, websites, press releases, adverts, billboards, publicity stunts, influencers etc! This will vary depending on who your brand audience is and what your product is which is why it's so important to do all that research we spoke about a few weeks ago early on!

Start pushing your brand from day one, document your journey, ramp up your activity around launches and keep it up even once you start building a brand following!

Building awareness of what you are doing is a key part of your start up brand's journey, it won't be easy, it probably won't happen overnight, it might be tiresome at times, but the key to nailing it and getting those customers will be...

-Putting the time in to do the research.

-Having a clear strategy.

-Setting a strong brand message.

-Being consistent.

-Powering through like a trooper!

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