Meet Georgia, Founder of Reborn Swim

Re.Born Swim is a sustainable swimwear brand crafted from recycled bottles and mass market dead stock.

Founder Georgia has worked in fashion buying for independent start ups and high street retailers and used her industry experience and passion for swimwear to launch her own collection last year.

Re.Born swim hopes to encourage less seasonal and more season less purchases, all pieces in the collection have been designed with this in mind, combining a bold colour palette with timeless shapes that flatter all sizes.

The swimwear is available to shop on Instagram right now...

Brand Name: Re.Born Swim

Founded by: Georgia

Year Founded: 2020

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Sophie: What inspired you to start your business?

Georgia:"As a Yorkshire lass at heart, born and bred I only relocated down to London back in 2018 to pursue my career within the fashion industry, more specifically within the world of buying. I knew this industry experience would be crucial in order to provide me with the foundations for one day building my own brand, with alongside a real passion for the future of fashion, particularly from a sustainable perspective, RE.BORN came to light. Undoubtedly, 2020 presented us with numerous challenges, which as we know before long, shall inevitably put strain on both our people and planet beyond capacity. This is a movement I desperately wanted to be a part of, through change for good!

What were you doing before you became a business owner?

"I was, and still do (not many people know RE.BORN is purely my side hustle!) working full time within the world of buying, with experience at a couple of leading retailers! "

Tell me what a typical working week in your business looks like?

"I'm not sure there's two weeks the same, which is the world of small biz! But similarly, what I enjoy most about single-handedly managing everything right through from day-to-day admin, marketing/social to shipping out your orders!"

What is something that you think is a myth when starting a business, that can potentially put people off pursuing their dreams?

"Confidence- I think this is a HUGE thing, at least certainly was for me! I'd known for years, once I'd gained the industry experience required, I'd love to go on and make something of my own, and start-up my own label but hadn't really given it much thought beyond that. The idea of setting up your "own" business is super daunting, can be a huge risk, and I often doubted that I had what it took! BUT you'll be surprised how much you'll rely on gut-instinct and believe it or not, the majority of small businesses out there totally "winging" it (us included!) with no right way about it!"

If you were to think of the challenges you faced in starting your business, what would be the two things you would have wanted more support with?

"Sourcing our supplier has by far been my biggest challenge to date that I often talk about, although all pieces were designed right here, within my very own four walls, I have zero background in design/anything remotely technical so I reached out to a number of freelancers for support with building our tech packs.

Once we had tech packs, that was only half of the challenge! I then contacted (god knows how many!) suppliers/manufacturers both UK/EU based as well as further-a-field, and didn't take me long to realise MOQ's would be the next hurdle.

But it wasn't just that, being a sustainable label, it was extremely important that the factory producing our pieces aligned with brand values/ethics etc. Around 4-5 months later, we'd found our match! A factory based out in the far-east, with the ability to produce our entire collection from RPET, otherwise known as recycled polyester utilising mass-market offcuts/dead stock. That was a very BIG and celebratory day to say the least!

During this back and forth, I reached out to/networked with a number of fellow small-biz owners all in the same boat, which became a great support network!"

Do you work alone or as part of a team? How do you prioritize and maintain balance across all aspects of your business and are there any elements you just have to sacrifice/bypass?

"As it stands, solely a one-man-band, so just me! We're super lucky however, in the fact that we receive support, for example on the marketing front from a couple of fabulous freelancers! I'd love to think one day, as we expand the idea of taking on/hiring gets me very excited!"

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

" Continuing to contribute to a cleaner, and kinder planet whether that continues to be solely swimwear, or beyond... who knows! Time will tell, but we've a couple of very exciting milestones coming up so stay tuned is all we're saying! However, as a consumer-based brand we design with you at the forefront, in essence ultimately building the collection you want! So we're forever seeking, engaging with and reacting to your responses."

What is your favourite product you sell and why?

"Would have to be our AQWA in SKY BLUE! This set has been my fave from day one, since I saw that first ever swatch, I knew it was the one! Both the shape, and colour is to die for, and (I may be biased) but it's just beautiful! Unsurprisingly, this statement two-set is similarly our bestseller... and we don't blame you!"

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting up a new retail business right now?

"Do it! You could spend all day, every day worrying about not having what it "takes" or the financial side of things, which similarly was a real concern of mine. However, what's the worst that could happen? If it's something you're passionate about, you're already halfway there. As a lockdown-born brand, I think it's fair to say our journey hasn't been the easiest, but actually my toughest challenge to date, yet with that my greatest achievement to date! There's no greater feeling than that first sale, or that first review- it's just amazing! I think it's quite easy to think starting-up in the current climate is going to be too difficult, or too much of a challenge- but actually being opportunistic and taking that leap could be the best thing you ever did! There's never a right time to start, for me, it's a real dream turned reality situation!"

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