How to build a team for your business.

So you have started a retail business because you've had a great idea for a product, but I bet you are quickly realizing that it is HARD WORK trying to wear all the different hats.

When you work in a large retail business there will be entire teams for Design, Product Development, Sourcing, Buying, Planning, Finance, Marketing, Wholesale, Ecom Trading, PR, HR, IT etc, but now you are a business owner you are having to do all of the above alone.

There's a good chance that you might not have time, enjoy or even understand how to do everything so the best thing you could possibly do is INVEST IN BUILDING A TEAM!

Why waste your time and energy on trying to do a job half heartedly, when you could invest in people with experience in these sectors to do it for you?

Obviously the budget in a startup is usually going to be tight when it comes to bringing additional people onboard, however rather than thinking of it as a cost, think of it as an investment.

For example, maybe you are a creative head, with a great understanding of design and product, BUT you don't understand the commercial side of running a business, the numbers, how to market your product and how to trade. Without this commercial skill set your product is probably not going to get the reaction you want or hope for...

So your options are either you struggle and waste time probably doing a half assed job, OR you invest in an experienced professional and build a team of experts to support you with the tasks you might not be an expert in yourself. The chances are this expert help will double, maybe even triple your sales and the investment of your team will pay for itself leaving your time free to stay focused and plan ahead for the part of the business that you are good at and oversee the business as a whole.

Start small and look for part time help, freelancers or experienced interns to help you as this will be the most cost effective option.

If you are looking to build a team in your business and get some expert support to set up or level up your business, get in touch with me today to see how I can help you.

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