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I honestly LOVE nothing more than supporting small product based business owners achieve their BIG goals.

My job as your business mentor is to teach you everything you want and need to know, provide you with resources, a soundboard, somebody to brainstorm ideas with, shower you with support and keep you accountable in order for you to successfully set up or level up your business. 

I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, across multiple product categories, from day one when you have just come up with your idea or day 1001 when you want to push your business harder. 

TOGETHER we will work hand in hand to get your business to where YOU want it to be.

Before I started working with Sophie, my business lacked direction which was evident in the stock I was purchasing. It didn’t align with the original vision I had when I started and I was confusing both myself and my potential customer. My conversion rate was low, and my marketing strategy was ineffective. Within a few weeks, Sophie had focused my business so that I had a clear direction. I took on board Sophie’s suggestions with regards to marketing and my conversion rate doubled. Sophie has provided me with valuable skills which I will take forward to grow my business. Anyone starting out, or who feels lost or overwhelmed should really look to work with Sophie.

Rachael Grieves, Emmy & Sebby


My core mentoring programmes run over a period of either 3 or 6 months.

At the beginning of our programme we will have a kick off session to set out your big business goals and identify everything that needs to be done in order for you to achieve them, this will then help us form an agenda for the rest of our time together. 

We will then meet every 3-4 weeks for 90minutes to work on building and implementing the strategies we discuss. After our session all action points will be logged on your project management board for you to refer back to at any time. In between sessions we will check in weekly over email or WhatsApp, and I will be there ready and available to support you, motivate you and hold you accountable all the way. You will also have access to my personal business templates, resources and contacts where relevant.

I understand that not all businesses are the same, and I do not believe mentoring should have a one sized fits all approach, so although I have a few ready made packages for you to choose from I always cater my mentoring programmes to you down to the length of time you want to work together, how often you want to meet, what you want to focus on and your budget!

Once we have met over a FREE discovery call and I know your BIG business goal and chosen time frame I will create a bespoke mentoring programme for you that revolves around the steps we need to take to get you achieving your desired goal.


My mentoring programmes are perfect for small retail/ecom business owners or entrepreneurs (from any product category) who are serious about achieving their BIG business goals.


These programmes are going to be a perfect fit for you if you have BIG business goals, but you are not confident or lacking direction in how you can achieve them!

If you are passionate about your business, and willing to persevere through & learn from any challenges thrown at you I am 100% confident you have what it takes to make your business a success, and this is exactly the type of person I LOVE working with.


If you want an industry experts support to help you get clear on your strategy, hold your hand, keep you accountable, be your soundboard and help you turn your ideas in to a reality, what are you waiting for :)


Before anyone commits to a full mentoring programme we will have a 30minute discovery call. I will never work with you if I don't think I can help you or we would be a good fit for eachother. 

A discovery call is the perfect chance for you to tell me all about your business and your big business goals and I will tell you exactly how I can help you to make them happen.

Alternatively if you are not ready to make a long-term commitment, why not try me out for size in a one-off strategy session? Find out more about them here!


To give you an example of the costs of a 3 or 6 months mentoring programme with 90minute sessions...


£2295 (Monthly installments of £382.50)


£1495 (Monthly installments of £498.30)


A 45 minute kick-off call for us to deep dive in to your business, identify your goals, and map out a rough idea of how we can get to it.

90 minute monthly calls if you opt for 6 months we will have 8 calls. If you opt for 3 months we will have 5 calls. The agenda for the calls will be planned in our kick off session.

A mid-point goals check in to make sure you are on track, the mentoring is serving it's purpose and identify if anything needs to change.

Support over WhatsApp & email (Mon-Fri) for any questions, support or advice you might need in between our monthly sessions.

A project management board to keep you on track & accountable to implement the actions and strategies we set after each session. 

A playback of each call so you don't forget any of the important stuff we spoke about.

Use of my personal business templates, resources and contacts as and where they might be required.

FREE Membership to The Commerce Club for any extra resources you might need.

Full accountability, cheer leading & support from me all the way!

If you need any more information please email me on

I can't wait to work with you soon!