Sophie Biggerstaff, business mentor

I founded BYRCOLLECTIVE in April 2020, when I decided to leave my corporate buying career behind with the aim of helping small retail business owners & entrepreneurs set up and level up their businesses!

I've always been a bit of a risk taker, quite entrepreneurial and love pushing myself and other people out of comfort zones. I'd had the idea for BYRCOLLECTIVE since 2018, but timing had never been quite right for me. In 2020 my original plan was to leave my Buying Manager role at Burberry to go travelling and then come back and start the business, but then the pandemic hit, my travel plans got canceled and I had no job, so I was forced in to starting something...

And it was by far the best thing that could ever have happened...


As much as I loved working for big brands I knew my extensive experience, industry insights, passion for building things and meeting new people could be put to much better use by supporting startup businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their career and business goals! 

I now work with small retail & Ecommerce brands on a mentoring or freelance basis and I can honestly say it's the best job I've ever had!

Let's get to know each other a bit better, here's a few fun facts about me..

💲⁠ At the beginning of my career I interned for free in Fashion PR & Marketing before I got my first paid retail head office job at Ralph Lauren.

🌎I took a brief career break in 2014 and ended up working at Melbourne Fashion Week! This really fueled my love for travel and led me to move to Italy in 2015 to work for the denim brand Diesel. I have since been a keen travel bunny visiting over 36 countries in the world. (I have a massive soft spot for Asia and hope to live there one day!)

👜I have a bit of a handbag addiction that was fueled by one of my favourite jobs when I was a Buyer at Kate Spade. I used to jet over to New York frequently and LOVED working with the novelty handbags all day, so much fun!


💡 I worked on 5 year strategic growth plans at Burberry, managed a £380 million department and presented to a board made up of some of the most influential faces in the retail industry.

Oh and I have a horrendous sugar addiction, I am completely obsessed with chocolate, so if anyone was wondering what to buy me for christmas my favourite is chocolate orange 😉⁠


Working with and support entrepreneurs in achieving their goals is my dream job, if you want my help in setting up or leveling up your business, click the link below...



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Diesel Buyer
Ralph Lauren buyer
Kate Spade buyer
Tesco buyer
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